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                                                                   KALLUR MANA


Among Brahmins, only Namboothiris have taken up 'Manthravadam' (sorcery) as profession, with mainly Bhadrakaali as their traditional deity (adhidevatha), while non-Braahmins have Chaathan, Arukula, Karinkutty and other Saaktheya Moorthys (evil).

Once, pleased with the long 13 years' intense devotion of a Kallur Nambuthiripad (more than 700 years before) at Sri Vadakkumnaathan temple at Thrissur, Shiva’s consort, Sreeparvathi appeared and gave him a 'Granttham' describing how 'Bhagavathi-seva' is to be performed and containing some secret 'Thanthrams'. She also assured her divine presence in their family temple. Soon thereafter, a Swayambhoo idol rose from the ground in Sri Krishna Temple at Chenganamkunnu, and this Bhagavathi became our Paradevatha (kuladevatha).​ Sree Chenganamkunnu Bhagavathy temple is one of the 108 'Durga Alayas' and the last major renovation ceremony in the temple was conducted on an auspicious day, 10th May 1968 (28th Medam 1143 Chithra Nakshatram) and the same day is celebrated as the 'Prathishta Dinam' every year. The other special occasion of the temple is on 'Thri-Karthika Nakshatram' in the month of Vrischikam.

Sree Krishna in the form of Navaneetha Krishna is also being worshipped along with Devi in a separate shrine.

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The Bhagavathi-seva we perform based on the divine Grantham is called "Valiya Bhagavathi-seva" (elaborate Bhagavathi-seva). All Kallur Namboodiris after their Samaavarthanam, do a one-year meditation in Thrissur Vadakkumnatthan temple, only after which they start learning Manthravaadam. They can invoke 'Prathyankari', a fierce demigod (ugramoorthy) of Manthravaadam, once they offer nivedyam to Chenganamkunnu Bhagavathy. However, their Valiya Bhagavathy-seva is itself enough to rid most evil spirits (baadha).















He is the son of late Narayanan Nambuthiripad. He has over 25 years of experience in Thantric astrology, mantravadam and thantric rituals. He is famous for nearly accurate predictions using raasi/prashna and horoscope reading. He is the thantri for various temples in Kerala and Maharashtra. 
He was the son of late Kumaraswamy Nambuthirippad. He was simple in nature but with strong and unadulterated devotion towards Devi and people found Devi as him and vice versa because of the sadhak and spiritual energy he carried. He did one full year resident japa at Sri Vadakkunnathan temple prior to his initiation of mantric career. Many temples in Maharashtra and Malabar viz., Sree Thirumandhamkunnu Devi temple, Kadaparambath kavu, Sree Chenganamkunnu Devi temple, Thripata Shiva temple, Thirumittakode Shiva Vishnu temple renovated under his Tantric supervision.
Kallur Krishnan Nambuthiripad

Late Brahmasree Kallur Narayanan Nambuthiripad

Late Brahmasree Kumaraswamy Nambuthiripad

He was an ardent devotee of Devi, and a highly skilled sadhak who could perform intense mantric kriyas with ease and was awarded a 'Veera Sringhala' by the King of Kochi Shakthan Thamburan for his achievements in Mantric field. 


​‘San-Mantravada’ unlike occult, does not harm any form of energy. It contains extensive devotion of a diety, mostly the Goddess, through beautiful and profound sacrament and meditations. These deities may be worshipped externally with flowers, incense, and other offerings. But, more importantly, these deities are engaged as attributes of IshtaDevata meditations, the practitioners either visualizing themselves as the deity, or experiencing the darshan (the vision) of the deity.



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