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Our body is made up of five elements of nature. If any element is more or less, then our body gets affected by many types of diseases.

The same applies in Thanthra as well. We please the divine energies with Jala(water), Gandha (earth), Pushpa (ether), Dhoop (air), and Deepam(fire).  Chanting appropriate mantra and offering medicinal herbs in accurate measurements to various deities help us receive corresponding energies from the universe made of panchabhootas and rejuvenate ourselves within. 

Aromatherapy and Astrology are interconnected with each other. You can potentially integrate the benefits of aromatherapy into what you know about yourself and your loved ones. For example, by knowing the common traits associated with your astrological sign, you can discover some of the positive attributes as well as the challenges that you may face. With the help of essential oils, you can channelize your energies towards overcoming your physical health issues.

Check out our bath salts and other essential oil products made from  carefully mixed with pure jojoba/olive oil and therapeutic oils taken from flowers, barks or roots, which are sanctified with prayers and as per the formula developed by 'SIX SENSE' corresponding to each astrological sign (rasi), birth star and tridoshas ( Vata,Pitta, and Kapha) are crafted to cleanse your BODY, MIND, and SOUL !

Please go through the FAQ section for a better understanding of the concept

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