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7 Chakras in our body

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The ‘chakras’ are the key to physical health, emotional stability and mental clarity.

They act as conductors, filtering energy from the heavens and earth so that they can combine.

The convergence of these energy fields forms a chakra. It is a vortex of moving energy, which then stimulates various endocrine organs in the body to secrete hormones into the blood stream. The effect of hormones controls our body, they also affect our state of mind.

This system of healing is ancient. In many early cultures, energy was appreciated and refined until a person obtained mastery on the physical plane and could ascend to higher planes of consciousness.

Each chakra feeds energy into the glandular system of the body which then feeds into the physical organs. The Glands are the physical manifestation of the chakras, and they are as follows, the base chakra feeds into the reproductive glands, the naval chakra feeds into the lyden gland , solar plexus chakra feeds into the adrenal glands, the heart chakra feeds into the thymus gland, the throat chakra feeds into the thyroid glands, the third eye chakra feeds into the pineal gland and the crown chakra feeds light and frequencies into the pituitary glands.

Suppressing feelings locks them into the subconscious where they congest the energy flow from the chakras. Learning how to manage our emotions comes with practice and maturity. When we know what we are feeling, we can choose appropriate avenues of expression. In the end, emotions are simply ENERGY. How we express that ENERGY is our choice. The chakra is extremely responsive to what we think and feel. For example, unexpressed anger or frustration can accumulate as tension in the muscles.

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