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Introducing Dharana, the essential oil blend designed to help improve concentration and focus. Our specially curated blend of natural essential oils, including rosemary, peppermint, and lemon, work synergistically to enhance mental clarity and promote a sense of mental alertness. Whether you're studying for an exam, working on a big project, or simply looking to improve your focus during meditation, Dharana is the perfect solution. Just a few drops of Dharana can help create an environment conducive to deep concentration. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to improved productivity with Dharana essential oil.


  • 10 ml Roll-on bottles

  • Four best places to apply Dharana Roll-On Essential Oils · 1. Back of neck · 2. Behind the ears · 3. On the wrists · 4. On the temples.(on the side of the head between the forehead and ear)

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