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There are almost 400 types of Yantras for different purposes like for career, business growth, marriage, good job, protection from negativity, good health etc.


Few types of Yantras: Sudarshan yantra, rajagopala yantra, swayamvara yantra, ashwarooda yantra, tripurasundari yantra etc.


Yantra or Elass are drawn on copper, silver or gold plates of specific size for each Yantra. The life of a yantra on a copper plate is 2 years, on a silver plate is 4 years and lifelong protection on a gold plate. Price will vary according to the purpose of wearing as the time and sanctifying procedures are different for each yantra. You may need 2.5gm to 4gm of gold to make a 3.5 to 4.5 sqr in plate and that will result in total cost.


    1. Start wearing on the suggested day only praying to the assigned devata on the yantra for the blessings.
    2. Do not remove the yantra from your body unless there is a damage in the course of time or the chain/thread is broken.
    3. In any case, wear the yantra on a new thread only after sanctifying at your nearest temple or wash with water and milk.
    4. It is not at all neccessary to remove a yantra in menstural periods.
    5. If the Elass(protective cover) is broken during the lifespan of a yantra,it should be changed and made a new one within 41 days.
  • Pictures shown are for represntation purpose only. A slight variation can be expected in designs.

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