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Radha and Krishna- Ever did they marry?

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Marriage of Shri Radha and Lord Krishna took place in Bhandheer forest of Mathura in present Uttar Pradesh in the presence of Lord Brahma who acted as a priest. This is as per Brama Vaivarta Purana and also according to Shri Garga Samhita Chapter 16 composed by Garga Muni who was the family priest of Nanda family and also the son of Bharadhwaj Seer. 

In Vrindvan when they were in so much love, Radha was afraid thinking that one day Krishna might go far away from her. So she wanted to marry him as soon as possible and Krishna also agreed. Sri Nanda and Yashoda Ma were not accepting his plea to marry Radha stating various reasons and Garga Muni, reminding him his destiny to save the mankind.

Krishna replied softly but firmly. "First of all I would like to aver that Nanda and Yashoda are my parents and I will always look upon them as such. Then I would request you to keep the story of my birth a secret from the people of Vrindavan till it is time for me to leave. If they learn the truth then their attitude towards me will change and this I will not be able to bear. You say that I am to deliver all humanity from suffering. I cannot begin this formidable task by thrusting the person who loves me the most into unbearable suffering. From the moment Radha saw me tied to the mortar few years ago, there has not been a single day that she has not waited for me. With every breath that she has drawn she has taken my name.

Radha lives for me and in me and I live for her and in her. If you prevent this marriage, you will be depriving me of the right and power to carry out the great tasks you want me to. I beseech you with folded hands to grant your consent." Sage Garga was overcome by the rationality and intensity of this speech. He gave his consent.

The following are the verses from Shri Garga Samhitha describing their divine marriage.

Shri Garga Samhitha

Chapter Sixteen Shri Radhika-vivaha-varnana Description of Shri Radhika's Wedding

Text 32

sa vahayam asa harim ca radhikam pradakshinam sapta-hiranya-retasah tatash ca tau tam pranamayya veda-vit tau paöhayam asa ca sapta-mantrakam

Brahma performed the wedding-ceremony of Lord Hari and Shri Radhika. He had Them circumambulate the sacred fire and bow down before it, and then Brahma, the knower of the Vedas, recited the seven mantras.

Text 33

tato harer vakshasi radhikayah karam ca samsthapya hareh karam punah shri-radhikayah kila prishöha-deshake samsthapya mantramsh ca vidhih prapaöhayan

Placing Shri Radhika's hand on Lord Hari's chest and Lord Hari's hand on Shri Radhika's back, Brahma recited many mantras.

Text 34

radha karabhyam pradadau ca malikam kinjalkinim krishna-gale 'linadinim hareh karabhyam vrishabhanuja gale

tatash ca vahnim pranamayya veda-vit

Then with both hands Shri Radha placed on Lord Krishna's neck a lotus garland filled the the humming of bees. Then with both hands Lord Hari placed on Shri Radha's neck a similar garland. Then Brahma had Them bow down before the sacred fire.

When Krishna asked him about Dakshina, lord Brahma told “O Lord, as dakshina please give me devotion for your Lotus feet.”

Lord Krishna Replied “So be it”; Brahma then placed his head at the beautiful and auspicious feet of Lord Hari and Shri Radhika.

Radha is acknowledged as the Supreme Goddess, for it is said that she controls Krishna.  It is believed that Krishna enchants the world, but Radha enchants even Krishna. Therefore she is the supreme goddess of all.

The Narada-pancaratra states, "Radha is Gokulesvari, the full embodiment of spontaneous love and the personification of mahabhava [the highest spiritual state]. Bhagavan Sri Krishna, who is the supreme Isvara of all existence and the God among gods, is attained by Her mercy. Sri Radha is Krishna’s internal potency, and She performs worship of Her most beloved Sri Krishna with the entire wealth of Her devotion and service."

In Sammohana-tantra, Goddess Durga says, "The name Durga, by which I am known, is Her name. The qualities for which I am famous are Her qualities. The majesty with which I am resplendent is Her majesty. That Maha-Lakshmi, Sri Radha, is nondifferent from Sri Krishna. She is His dearmost sweetheart and the crest-jewel of His beloveds."

Yes, they got married in Bhandirvan of Mathura & Lord Bramha played the role of priest during their marriage as per Garga Samhita and Brahma Vaivartha Purana. Both describe the magical deeds of Lord Krishna. To ensure that Vrindavan will not wither away, Radha stayed back in Vrindavan without involving in the later life of Krishna. "Is there anything that can make you stay?" she asked. "Nothing can hold me from my destiny and my duty. As you cannot separate the color white from the milk, we will always be inseparable."

Some also commend as Radha refused to accompany Sri Krishna as she may not fit to the life in a palace and wanted to live with memories of the moments they had in Vrindavan.

Her sacrifice is of utmost importance. They are one but they have manifested themselves eternally as two for performing pastimes of love. 

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