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Swadhishtana Chakra

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

The sacral or naval chakra is also known as the swadhisthana, controls are physical health and wellbeing. And is located 3 inches below our belly button. Does this chakra where the focus is the life force into building a strong immune system and keeping the physical body functional and active.

Its controls are motion and emotion and is ruled by the water element that is directly influenced by how we experience our emotions. When we retain our feelings, water is retained in the body. This creates bloating and puffiness, our sacral chakra controls our appetite food, sex and pleasure. If we

are too indulgent, we burn up vital life fuel required by other systems in our body. If we hold back too much energy from the physical part of our lives, we become hungry for what we deny ourselves.

Finding the balance between control and letting go is essential for this chakra to function. It takes discipline and maturity to balance this chakra.

How to balance it?

To maintain a balanced sacral chakra, we need to learn to honour the body by giving it what it needs

to thrive, nutritious food, plenty of rest, fun, work and exercise. This is also concerned with the quality of deservedness. When we feel that we truly deserve the good we long for, we treat ourselves well.

Physical problems associated with an out of balance sacral chakra.

Dysfunction of the sacral chakra in women and create endometriosis, as well as sterility, chronic menstrual cramping, fibroids comma and problems with ovaries and cervix. In men it can create prostate problems, infertility, sexual dysfunction and sciatica.

NB: This is not a medical advice; if you are experiencing any of these problems you should seek the advice of a qualified doctor.

The archetype

The archetype of a positive sacral chakra would be the emperor/ Empress card a scene in the tarot deck. the emperor or Empress is a person who enjoys and respects the physical world. Emperors and

empresses love to have abundance, wellbeing and a high degree of pleasure. They know they deserve to feel good about life and enjoy good food, comfort and some luxury. They are not necessarily spiritual by nature, but they do feel at home on the physical plane and enjoy the good


The archetype with a negative sacral chakra would be the martyr. Martyrs deprive themselves of the simple physical pleasures of life. At a basic level, they feel cheated of the goodness of life and punish themselves by forbidding themselves the warmth and comfort they long for. They are full of guilt

and project this onto others common making them suffer too. They normally have disastrous relationships!

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